Is this Blog Truly Meant for YOU?


Are you a graduate or post graguate who just recently passed out with a technical degree such as B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc Comp Sci, BCA, M.E, M.Tech or MCA?

Are you someone who is about to graduate in a year or two and is immensely worried about what type of IT jobs are out there?

Does IT (Information Technology) interest you immensely? 

Have you always aspired to make a mark as an IT Professional but are NOT interested in or good at conventional fields such as software programming?

If the answer was an overwhelming YES to most of the above questions, keep reading on!

A degree definitely makes you eligible for most jobs out there – including Government jobs!

But being eligible is not the same as being selected. It just means you have made minimum grade to be barely considered for the said IT opening.

You got to understand one thing.

Businesses do not pay top dollar for degrees. 

If this was true, we would all have to do a double PhD to earn well today.

Real world companies and industries invest lakhs and crores of rupees in IT Infrastructure (products and services) every year to ensure their business benefits from the same.

They would like these investments to serve them well for the years to come – i.e get ROI (Return on Investment). To ensure that this happens, they are constantly on the lookout for high quality IT Professionals who can install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot these high-value investments. 

Will companies invest time and money training you for real world IT roles and responsibilities?

The bad news is that this is not likely to happen!

The good news on the other hand, is that they still need ready-made, well-trained IT Professionals who already have strong, practical IT and Technical acumen so they can hit the ground running.

Having worked IT for over 17+ years, I am here to tell you that nothing pays off like IT Certifications do.

In this blog, which by the way will remain a FREE resource forever, I will guide you on the Cisco CCNA Certification Program which will act as a foundational program for anyone aspiring to make it big in IT Infrastructure in general and Computer Networking in specific.

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