Is a CCNA Certification the Right Choice for Me?

CCNA vs Software Jobs

Ironically, the only person who knows the answer best is the one asking it – YOU!

Cisco is one of the World’s leading technology companies with a market capitalization of over 177 Billion dollars as on date in April 2020!

The CCNA certification touted by it has been around for close to 2 decades and it still rules the roost as one of the most in-demand IT certifications not only in India but also around the world.

Let there be no doubt that a computer networking certification like the CCNA is absolutely valued in today’s job markets. Employers are still looking for CCNA certified candidates.

Is the CCNA good for someone looking for a solid career? – Absolutely Yes!

Now the only part of the question that needs answering is whether it is a right fit for YOU?

The CCNA Certification is a great career choice

I will layout a few discussion pointers here that will help you understand and figure out whether that’s really the case.

Whom this Program is NOT for?

I always believe in under-promising and over-delivering. As a rule of thumb, if there is a lot of hype around something, learn to trust your instincts.

The CCNA is valued career path leading to progression in the field of IT Infrastructure. However it is a career solution for everyone.

It is NOT a magic pill.

Especially if you see yourself as any of below:

  • Someone with a high aptitude for Software Programming or Software Testing – there’s still an aspect of Cisco CCNA called DevOps which deals with programming but that’s a matter for another post.
  • Someone who hates technical jobs, how much soever interesting they may get!
  • You do not like installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting the latest connectivity technology.
  • You HATE all things computer networking (there are people who do, trust me!)
  • You have been scammed before by typical hardware and networking training institutes that have helped you developed a strong aversion for the subject matter.
  • You are looking to become an overnight career success. The CCNA will NOT do this for you – sorry!

Best Candidates from our Training Batches

Without getting into too much detail, suffice to say that candidates who received our CCNA training best had:

  • Strong hunger for technical knowledge
  • Started from scratch – it is easier to start writing on a clean slate than it is to help someone unlearn and then relearn things right!
  • Solid work ethics
  • Enjoyed a long term view towards a career
  • Focussed on actions and not results
  • Overall had a great attitude towards learning and opening up to newer frontiers of knowledge.

Typical Best Profile Fits for CCNA Careers

Best Profiles for CCNA Careers

From across the thousands of students that I have had the pleasure of training, following types of candidates seem to be able to derive the maximum benefit, naturally, from our CCNA batches:

  • IT Professionals – between 0-5 yrs experience.
  • Graduates: B.E, B. Tech, BCA, Bsc (Computer Science), B.Sc (IT), Diploma holders & ITI pass outs.
  • Post Graduates: M.E, M. Tech, MSc (IT)
  • Undergraduates: XIIth Grade Pass outs and those looking for immediate employment opportunities

However, on the same note, I will have to admit that some of my students who have had the greatest success in this field: starting from CCNA all the way to being a prestigious CCIE – have been BCom and BA graduates!

Life never ceases to surprise me anymore. And I stopped being judgemental about who can and cannot be a success in life based on their present life stories.

Your marks, degrees and certificates bear no weight when you start a very practical skilling program such as the CCNA with me. Often your vocational aptitude, purpose & desperation matter more.

You will learn that in the real world, your hunger for knowledge is often your most trustworthy friend at all times.

Wait, is this Course all about Computer Networking alone?


This is by far the biggest misconception about Cisco Certification programs, especially the CCNA.

While computer networking by and far is a responsibility in itself, it is important to understand that computer networks only provide connectivity to existing IT infrastructure.

Other dominant aspects of IT Infrastructure require knowledge of Operating Systems (Open Source Linux & Microsoft), Servers (System Administration or MCSA), Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.

A CCNA course can be the perfect foundation that helps you exploit knowledge and growth opportunities in your IT Infrastructure domain.

There are experts who will tell you that you can jump onto any horse you want, at any time. But take this from someone who has handled IT Infrastructures for 17+ years – a strong foundation in computer networks is a MUST. Almost every other discipline mentioned above borrows from it.

Your CCNA knowledge will never hurt you. In fact, on the contrary, it will take you places – but step by step.

So, how do I decide about CCNA as a career option?

If you have come this far, then you are really serious about your career.

You are asking the right questions, how muchsoever uncomfortable they might be. This is the right approach.

Now, the best way to find out more about computer networking as a field and whether it really interests you would be to check out youtube videos. There are plenty of them doing rounds. Search for “What is CCNA”, “CCNA for beginners” etc.

Plenty of institutes and experts offer free resources and introductions. Feel free to let all of that sink in.

Read more CCNA opportunities in India and worldwide. It will give you perspective and depth.

Finally, feel free to reach out to me and ask for a FREE live lecture. We have weekly, CCNA orientation lectures where I will share my personal success stories and how they can help you make better decisions relating to your careers.

See if you like what is being taught and how.

P.S: You may also want to read my related article on the importance of Computer networking here. In case you are wondering about the weightage of IT Certifications in today’s competitive IT workspaces, read my take on IT Certifications and their significance here.

I always get the biggest pat on my back for making what many feel is the simplest course to study CCNA. You have a golden ticket to check if I am able to live up to my reputation 🙂

To your continued Success!

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