Why is Computer Networking Important?

Computer Networking Benefits

Before I even start talking about anything even remotely related to computer networking, its significance and enormous benefits, let us do a little bit of time travel and watch a few technology marvels along the way:

Exhibit 1 – Carry a Song (5MB) on a Plane

IBM’s Model 350 Disk File Hard Disk – A whopping 5MB Storage in 1956!

Exhibit 2 – Yes, People Owned PCs way back in 1971

Kenbak 1 – World’s 1st Personal Computer in 1971

Exhibit 3 – World’s Most Powerful SuperComputer

The SUMMIT Supercomputer at ORNL with over 10 Petabytes of Memory – 2020

The developments in semiconductor technologies obviously helped make smaller and faster processors and memories, this is cool.

But, beyond a point, it really does not mean anything.

Why – you ask?

Let me see –

  • Not everyone can afford a supercomputer at home.
  • Not everyone wants one.
  • What do you do with such massive standalone computing devices even if we managed to get one?

Today’s Internet is the most wholesome example of computer networking. Just in case you were wondering about the size of the Internet today, in 2020, here we go:

Almost 4.54 billion people were active internet users as of January 2020, encompassing 59 per cent of the global population.

Source: Statista

While we are playing the numbers game anyways, look at below startling statistic.

China, India and the United States rank ahead all other countries in terms of internet users.

Source: Statista

The most phenomenal achievement of the last few decades has been the invention of Computer Networking.

While standalone computing devices are good technology but what truly makes everyone life vastly better is when they talk to each other and helps us share information.

We are truly living in an information age where data rules – all thanks to companies like Cisco and Microsoft!

Why is Computer Networking important?

Software programming, data science, Software testing & more career options are available to you today. Why only computer networking from among all of them?

Let us look at a few straight facts.

  • 2.95 billion people used using Social Media Worldwide in 2019.
  • 8.3 billion mobile connections Worldwide in 2018.
  • Tens of thousands of Skype calls
  • Remote Video calling & Screen sharing (Screencasting)
  • e-Learning through Platforms such as Udemy.com and Upgrad.com
  • Employees Working from Home
  • Mobile Employees that Connect to Office resources from over the internet and work from just about anywhere
  • e-Commerce
  • Cloud Applications / SaaS software such as Gmail & Facebook more!
  • Video Streaming Online through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
  • Video browsing over Youtube
  • Chat, Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Online Banking – Transactions & Payments
  • Online Stock Marketing – Buying and Selling Money Instruments
  • Live, Interactive Gaming Online
Source: BroadbandSearch

Computer networking is really what makes the whole world go around for pretty much everything today. If you cannot transmit information from point A to point B – what is the use of all the supercomputing power in the world?

Is Computer Networking a Good Career Option?

  • Stable and Solid Field – Computer networking as a discipline has been there for more than 3 decades. As we become increasingly digitized and interconnected, it will become more of a part of our daily technology requirements.
  • Learning Curve is easy – Software programming and other disciplines require a lot of natural aptitude. Computer networking is easy to learn when you do it with the right guidance.
  • Perfect Step to the No. 1 in-demand discipline in the World – CyberSecurity! Cybersecurity requires you to have solid fundamentals of Operating systems (both Microsoft & Linux help), Networks, and Programming.

What is the CCNA?

The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is the No. 1 Computer Networking Certification Exam Worldwide.

Computer Networking Careers
Cisco CCNA is a Premier Computer Networking Certification Exam that takes you to the next level.

Offered by the World’s Premier Networking Company named Cisco Systems, this course has been taken by lacs of young aspirants worldwide on the way to fulfilling careers in computer networking.

Computer Networking Jobs

Computer networking skills are among the hottest in the market, why be left out?

The future of networking engineers is indeed bright! In fact Computer networking related roles are among the top IT jobs in demand for the near future.

If you decide to learn Computer networking online, step by step through a reliable and high-quality tutor, it is a skill that will pave a strong foundation for a flourishing career in IT for you.

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